Recount Text: Pengertian, Tujuan, Struktur, Jenis, Kaidah Kebahasaan, dan Contoh

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Recount Text: Pengertian, Tujuan, Struktur, Jenis, Kaidah Kebahasaan, dan Contoh.

Apa itu Recount Text? 

Recount text adalah teks yang menceritakan pengalaman penulis. Teks ini menceritakan ulang kejadian pada masa lalu (past experience). Recount text fokus pada urutan waktu kejadian (sequence of events) atau urutan kronologis suatu peristiwa. Teks ini menggunakan simple past tense untuk menceritakan ulang kejadian pada masa lalu (reconstructing the past events).

Tujuan Recount Text. 

Tujuan dari recount text untuk menceritakan ulang kejadian pada masa lalu.

Struktur Recount Text

Struktur umum dari recount text sebagai berikut: 

a. Orientation: Menginformasikan pembaca tentang latar belakang kejadian, seperti waktu, tempat, dan kondisi, juga memberitahu tokohtokoh yang berpengaruh dalam cerita. 
b. Series of event: Jalan cerita sesuai dengan urutan kronologis. 
c. Re-orientation: penilaian penulis tentang periatiwa yang terjadi, contoh we had a wonderful time.

Jenis Recount Text.

Ada tiga jenis recount text: 

a. Personal recount ~ Menceritakan ulang kegiatan yang dilakukan secara pribadi, contoh cerita lucu (oral anecdote) dan menulis buku harian (diary). 
b. Factual recount ~ Merekam insiden tertentu, contoh laporan penelitian, lapor polisi, laporan berita, dan situs sejarah. 
c. Imaginative recount ~ Membayangkan peran khayalan dan memberikan detail kejadian, contoh sehari hidup menjadi budak, dan cara jika aku menemukan sesuatu.

Kaidah Kebahasaan Recount Text.

Recount text menggunakan kalimat simple past tense. Kadang, teks ini juga menggunakan kalimat past continuous tense.

Contoh Recount Text 1.


Last holiday, my family and I had a picnic. We went to Sanur beach. We left by car at four in the afternoon. My father drove his car carefully. We arrived at Sanur at six in the evening. Then we went to a motel located near the beach. We spent the night there. It was small but beautiful. The price is also reasonable too. 

In the morning, I woke up early. My sister did too. We ran away to the beach together. We want to enjoy the sunrise. We walked along the beach. The weather is cool. I put my sandals off to enjoy the sand on my feet. A few moments later, our parents joined us. There were some people sitting at the beach doing the same things and enjoying the sunrise. 

An hour later, we went back to our motel and had breakfast. After that, father took his fishing rod. He wanted to fish. I and my sister prepared our swimsuits. We want to swim. We spend the whole day in the beach. We had lunch there. It was really fun. In the evening we went back to our house. 

It was a really nice holiday. We did our usual activities the following day. 

Penggunaan simple past tense: 

a. My family and I had a picnic. 
b. We went to Sanur beach. 
C. We left by car at four in the afternoon. 

Penghubung waktu: 

a. A few moments later.
b. An hour later.
c. After that.

Contoh Recount Text 2.

On Wednesday, my students and I went to Yogyakarta. We stayed at Dirgahayu Hotel which is not far from Malioboro. (Orientation)

On Thursday, we visited the temples in Prambanan. There are three big temples, the Brahmana, Siwa, and Wisnu temples. They are really amazing. We visited only Brahmana and Syiwa temples because the Wisnu temple is being renovated. (Event 1)

On Friday morning, we went to Jogya Kraton. We spent about two hours there. We were lucky because we were led by a smart and friendly guide. (Event 2)

Then we continued our journey to Borobudur. We arrived there at 4 p.m. At 5 p.m, we heard an announcement that the Borobudur gate would be closed. (Event 3)

In the evening, we left for Jakarta by Wisata bus. (Event 4)

We had great fun. (Re-orientation)

Contoh Soal Recount Text beserta Jawaban.

Direction: answer the following questions correctly by choosing A, B, C, or D. 

The following text is for questions number 1 to 3. 

It was about 7.00 p.m. I was studying in my study when my brother, Yuda, suddenly vomited. 

My brother and I panicked, so we took him to the nearest clinic. When we arrived there, some nurse laid him on a stretcher. They took him to the doctor's room. Then the doctor asked some questions to my mother.

Finally, the doctor said that Yuda would be fine by dinner time. He told Yuda to eat nutritious food. The food had contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. My mother looked very relieved because Yuda was not seriously ill.

1. When did Yuda vomit?

A. In the morning 
B. In the afternoon
C. In the evening 
D. After dinner 

Jawaban: C 

Tertulis di teks kejadian saat Yuda muntah terjadi sekitar pukul 7.00 p.m. (evening). 

2. What did the doctor do after examining Yuda?

A. He asked some questions his mother 
B. He brought Yuda to the treatment room
C. He asked Yuda to eat nutritious food
D. He asked the nurse to lay him down

Jawaban: C 

Lihat paragraf tiga, the doctor told Yuda to eat nutritious food.

3. The main idea of the last paragraph is that ...

A. Yuda will be fine.
B. He has to eat good food. 
C. Mother feels happy.
D. Yuda needs carbohydrates. 

Jawaban: B 

Paragraf terakhir berisi saran dokter agar Yuda makan makanan bemutrisi, 

The following text is for questions number 4 to 6. 

A Trip to Malino

On Sunday, Iwan and Anni got up at six in the morning. They were going to go to Malino. They (4) ... home at half-past six. They got to Malino at ten. It took three and a half hours to get there. They stopped at pine forest to have a rest and ate roasted corn. After that, they continued their (5) ... to Takapala waterfall. At 12 o'clock they arrived there and had lunch in one of the restaurants around the location. After that, they took a bath under the waterfall. The water was very cold, but they enjoyed the moment (6) ...

4. ...

A. left 
B. saw 
C. went 
D. built 

Jawaban: A 

Kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi kata mereka dan rumah, yaitu meninggalkan (left).

5. ...

A. way 
B. street 
C. activity 
D. journey

Jawaban: D 

Takapala waterfall menunjukkan suatu tujuan perjalanan. 

6. ...

A. busily
B. angrily
C. happily
D. patiently 

Jawaban: C 

Kata but menunjukkan pertentangan. Jadi, jawaban yang sesuai adalah happily. Airnya sangat dingin, tetapi mereka menikmati momen ...

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