Greetings in English

Greetings in English

There are many ways to say greetings in English. Sometimes we say greetings when we bump into other people. Greetings are also often used to start or open a conversation. Usually, we use formal greetings for business activities. Meanwhile, with relatives, family, friends, and people we know every day we use informal greetings.

Greetings in English

Basic greeting vocabulary:

greet (verb): to say hello to somebody or to welcome them.

greeting (noun): Something that you say or do to greet somebody.

Note: The opposite of greeting is leave-taking/parting.

Formal Greetings

a. Peace be upon you

b. Hello!

c. How are you?

d. How are you doing? 

e. Good morning.

f. How is everything?

g. How do you do?

h. How's everything going?

i. I trust that everything is well.

j. What have you been up to all these years?

k. I'm so glad to see you just like this.

l. It's always a pleasure to see you.

m. It has been a long time.

n. How long has it been?

o. It's been too long.

Informal Greetings

a. Hi.

b. How are things (with you)?

c. How's it going?

d. What's up?

e. Good to see you.

Here are some examples of conversations about greetings in everyday life.

Haikal : Peace be upon you, Adiba.

Adiba : Peace be upon you too, Haikal.

Haikal : How are you?

Adiba : I'm fine. What about you?

Haikal : I'm as good as you, thank you. How is your brother, Janesh?

Adiba : He's fine. He's doing his homework now.

Friza : Hello, Kanaya.

Kanaya : Hello, Friza.

Friza : How it's been going for you over this last few days? 

Kanaya : Good enough.

Friza : So, what are you going to do today?

Kanaya : Actually, I'm still working on my biology assignment.

Friza : Good luck, Kanaya.

Kanaya : Thank you, Friza.

Danar : How do you do, Dimas?

Dimas : How do you do, Danar?

Danar : Are you going to work today?

Dimas : Of course not. It's Sunday. And I have a plan with my son.

Danar : Oh my God, I forget it's Sunday. What kind of plan is that?

Dimas : I'm going to the zoo with my kids.

Danar : Okay, have a great holiday!

Dimas : Thank you.


Serena : Good morning, Ari.

Ariana : Good morning, Serena.

Serena : Would you like to have breakfast with me?

Ariana : I'm sorry. I have a class this morning.

Serena : Okay, that's fine.

Davina : Hi Rebecca.

Rebeka : Hi Davina.

Davina : Do you know Marcel?

Rebeka : Yes, I do.

Davina : Where is he? I didn't see him in class.

Rebeka : He's got a fever. Do you want to visit him?

Davina : Of course.

Rebeka : We can go to Marcel's house after school.

Davina : Okay.

Naro : What's up, Vino!

Vino : What's up, Naro!

Naro : What is that?

Vino : It's called finger spinner. It's a new toy.

Naro : Can you tell me how to play it?

Vino : Sure, come here. I will teach you.

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